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3.5 stars

Fantasy is NOT my comfort zone. Between Shadow and Bone and this one, I think I've had my fill for a while. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy these. I did. But it's a bit much for my brain to handle, and I immediately had to take in some comtemp YA to make my brain feel better. There is just something about books with fake places and made up words I have to learn that really turns me off. And crazy creatures that aren't your conventional vampire or werewolf. We just don't get along. Oh well.

As for this book, I'd heard some good things. Stef loves this author and her previous works, so I went into it with a bit of high hopes. Not too high, because, like I said, fantasy just isn't my thing. With that being said, I enjoyed this one. It's predictable in the sense that you know who's going to win the Champion competition from the beginning, but you don't know about the journey to get there. It's a little like the Hunger Games in that way, too. Not quite, but that's what I'd liken it to. There's a bit of a triangle going on, but that bugged me because stupid Celaena couldn't recognize it even though she knew how she was feeling and how the others were feeling (for the most part). Ugh. Overall, though, I did get into the story. I did root for Celaena. She's snarky, witty, brave, and tough. Gotta love those qualities!

I didn't really like it when the author would refer to a character in a descriptive way, without using a name, and then later on that person would have a name without the character description. Maybe I was reading too fast, but I thought this happened a couple times. I also don't think this story needed all of its details. There was a lot going on! Princess Nehemia, who we never knew if we could trust or not, was visiting to learn the ways of Adarlan or whatever. Kaltain was on drugs, cooking up some scheme to get the Crown Prince to be with her, using Perrington to get there. And some of the fantasy elements didn't really need to be there. Plus, what was the point of making up a name for her when no one knew Adarlan's Assassin's real identity? Gah, anyway. I hope everyone else enjoys this. Fantasy readers, let me know what you think!