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I received this from S&S Audio for review.

Sooo.. I put this on my "will never read" list a while back, but when it showed up on the list of audio books available for review from S&S, I took the chance on it. Honestly, I don't regret it, and at the beginning I actually kind of liked it a lot. But there were SO many problems! Let's take a look, shall we?

1. I could HEAR the grammatical errors in this novel. Seriously.. that's ridiculous. A misplaced comma is one thing. But knowing when to use "I" or "me" is really NOT that hard and definitely something an editor should catch. Come on, now.

2. Travis. What to say about Travis?! He's a possessive, egotistical, selfish a-hole. Travis is NOT boyfriend material. He shouldn't have been regarded as highly as he was by all the random chicks, either. Does this stuff happen in real life? Are guys like this sought out like that? He's a total jerk, and the way he gets as the book progresses feels SO unrealistic and overdone. I don't think he'd change that much in that short of a time period. What a prick.

3. Abby. Wowee wow wow. This chick has some issues, let alone the worst friend EVER (see America below). How is it that she can remind herself that a life with Travis is the same as a life with her father but then completely forget in the next breath?! She's pathetic. It's a little ridiculous. I got so tired of her changing her mind and being so sad and sappy. She did this to herself, really.

4. America. This girl needs to learn what it means to be a friend! She pushes Abby into this "relationship" with Travis only to rip her apart for it later. Then she's back on board. Then she's wishy-washy again and breaking up with her own boyfriend a million times. Get it together already!

UGH. So yeah. Like I said.. at the beginning this book kind of had me hooked. Then it took off and went all nutso on me. It's not a very good book, and the cover has little to do with the story because Abby is no butterfly trapped in the jar. No sir! She's not. I could hardly feel bad for her, and I really wish Trav would have gone all real-life on her. That's all I'm saying. Not a fan of this one.