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Down to You - M. Leighton This one was entertaining, a little predictable, and kind of gross. I wrote a lot of notes and left them at work, but I do remember a few things. So here's a list with the good and bad in no particular order.

-Urine yellow? REALLY? Who does that?
-Quite a few verb tenses were incorrect. This book was written in present tense, but it used past perfect when it wasn't needed. Past tense would have actually been appropriate.
-Many phrases were overused, such as 'so effin' sexy/hot.' It was annoying.
-The end does make me want to check out the next book in the series!
-I got really tired of Olivia coming up with reasons and excuses that weren't even valid. She'd say that Nash was a really good guy, but really good guys do NOT hit on and almost sleep with other girls when they have girlfriends. Period. He wasn't a good guy, and he wasn't trying to do the right thing. UGH.
-That MAJOR thing she's confused about in the middle? Yeah. OH MY GOD. I would HOPE that has never actually happened. I'm sure it has, but thank goodness I've never questioned anything remotely close to that. GOOD GRIEF, people.

That basically sums up how I felt about the book. I called the main twist fairly early on. Olivia irritated me sometimes, and I didn't feel like the alternating POVs really helped for some reason. I listened to the audio, and I didn't like the guy's narration, so maybe that's why. Either way, I was definitely entertained. And like I mentioned, a little grossed out. Some of the sexier things in this book creeped me out a little bit. I won't mention what in the review to keep it clean, but seriously. Am I that far removed from steamy romance that I was actually grossed out more than once? Hmm.

Anyway, I'll probably try out the next one. Or something from her other series. :o)