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Article 5 - Kristen Simmons Perhaps I'm over the dystopian genre. Maybe I'm in need of more adult reads too. This one just didn't really do it for me. It was entertaining enough, and I was seriously shocked by the world Ember lives in. The whole Moral Statutes were tough to swallow. But other than that, I felt like there was a lot of luck that got them through. Here's my list of things I observed while listening to this book:

-Many of the verb tenses were wrong or just weird. This book is first person and past tense. Ember would start to recall a memory seemingly out of nowhere in this audio version (perhaps the print version makes it more clear). If the book had been written in present tense, this wouldn't have been so jarring. It's not just my preference for present tense, I swear.

-"Laid" was used as the past tense of "lie." "I" was used when it should have been "me." And I think I heard an instance of "tighter" when it should have been "more tightly" but I could be wrong. I can't read my handwriting.

-Umm, the people at the rehab center didn't realize she was trying to escape??? She was wearing LOTS of clothes and had a bag full of food and supplies. Please. And then seriously? Chase didn't realize she was trying to run away from him when she left the truck?? He's not stupid. He was in the military. How ridiculous. Also, that scene with Alice's mom was creepy as hell. WOW.

Thus ends my notes. I guess I had lots to say about the technical stuff. I shouldn't HEAR errors in a novel. A misplaced comma is one thing, but I can actually hear the wrong grammar. It's sad.

About the actual story: the main issues are in that spoiler area above. Like I said before, the whole idea of the Moral Statutes was scary as hell. The whole reason why she goes to the original rehab center freaks me out. I can see something like that happening here someday. Aside from that, I guess I'd like to see how this works out. It doesn't end with a cliffhanger, so if I don't pick up the next one, it won't bother me that much.