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Hopeless - Colleen Hoover 3.5 stars

Holy cow. I wrote on TWO Post-it notes — front and back — about this book. Perhaps there was too much hype, but wow. This book was heartbreaking and irritating all rolled up into one. And I was absolutely and intensely interested during the first 75% of this book. After that — and after a few days in between — I was rolling my eyes instead. What happened? I'm not sure. Here are my notes:

-Some of the timeline was off. If you're going to make a point of the time for each chapter, then perhaps the timeline should be right. At the beginning she says it's almost 4 pm when she wakes up, but the beginning of the chapter said it was already 4:47.

-I really liked Six, and I was pretty disappointed she was leaving. She was a strong girl, and I enjoyed what she brought to the book.

-When she faints at the beginning, I knew the book was going to hurt. BAD. And yes, it's heartbreaking.

-I didn't exactly appreciate the vegan stereotyping in the novel. Eh.

-I felt like I could compare Holder to Edward for a while at the beginning there. He's all dangerous because no one bothered to ask what happened. Not sure how no one knew the real story though. Hmm.

-When Holder saw the bruise, less than 24 hours after meeting, he starts dictating who she can date. It makes sense later, but still. A-hole move there. Not cool.

-This book relied pretty heavily on similes and metaphors for movies and books. "It was like a Lifetime movie," etc.

-I was kind of worried they were brother and sister for a while there. I don't read book summaries so I wasn't sure what this was about or where it was really going. That's what I get. LOL

-I knew it was Les and Holder in the first 13 year flashback. Woo!

-I was also kind of worried that, at the mention of Holder's stepdad, he was Sky's actual dad. Overactive imagination!

-Sky makes a LOT of assumptions about Holder - how he feels, what he's thinking, what he knows, why he says and/or doesn't say stuff. It was kind of annoying.

-I don't like the phrase 'making love' for whatever reason. And they're teens. Who says that?

-After her father kills himself, I understand why she does what she does. But after that, they're all sexy with each other? Seriously? Ugh. Wasn't very real to me there.

-When she talks about how "when two become one, they share pain" or whatever...I was rolling my eyes. Hardcore. It was a little over the top for me.

-I was a little irate when Holder DEMANDED she get on birth control. I don't care if they have sex, but seriously!? Who demands that? Like the vegan thing, I take offense to this. Personally harmed by it, I don't think it's a good idea. And it was a TOTAL a-hole move. OMG.

-Did this book have an editor? I wrote down at least 10 different things I could HEAR while listening to the audio. Here are some:
-Lay is actually the past tense version of lie.
-Adverbs weren't always used right or consistently. Tightly became tighter with the same verb. And tightly was EVERYWHERE in this book. So was wrapped. Everyone was wrapping things around stuff all the time.
-Phrases were so out of order sometimes. "...picture on the dresser of my biological mother..." and "...chip out of my hand I was about to eat..." <--- Those may not be the exact quote, but you get the idea.<br/> -"...wouldn't have came here..." and "...had never came back..." Really? Yikes.

So there you have it. Those were my notes. The overall feel was intense at the beginning. The middle was good too. But the focus felt off. By the end I was just rolling my eyes and wishing it was shorter. I imagined this would be a really great book from Jodi Picoult, but I wasn't all that impressed with this one. I thought it was a lot of heartbreak, and Holder was not exactly ideal. I loved him at the beginning because that's the fun part of a relationship. After that, I got mad at him and his issues, and Sky was okay with it all, assuming away. I have the book from Dean's POV, so we'll see.